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Learn How-To Create a Scrapbook Layout


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Join Lisa, a scrapbook hobbyist, in this video as she illustrates how-to painlessly create outstanding scrapbooks from scratch.  Read the detailed description below.


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Detailed Video Description:

If you are like me, your pictures are strewn around the house in various piles awaiting that inevitable day (which may never happen) when you organize your pictures and create a scrapbook or photo album.

Why do we never create that scrapbook? Well, excuses abound, but the reality is we may not have the proper know-how to create that stellar storybook.

Join Lisa, a scrapbook hobbyist, as she illustrates how-to painlessly create outstanding scrapbooks from scratch.  Her ideas and insights will compel you to finally, and creatively, document those memorable moments of you and your loved ones..

What is more important, more treasured, than your memories? Join Lisa for this video and get started now!


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